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> Last month, "Geoff and Stephen prepared a draft set of basic best-practice
> recommendations [on governance]". These weren't released publicly as far
> as I
> am aware. "Maria and Dariusz were tasked with preparing a proposal for a
> lightweight structure to increase transparency" but as far as I am aware
> we've
> received no color on what this proposal might end up looking like. Someone
> on
> this list asked Dariuszand he declined to offer details; if I recall
> correctly
> he said the boardshoulddo what it can internally first. I disagree with
> this:
> if you do a bunch of work without consulting your stakeholders, there's a
> good
> chance you'llhave to scrap all that work. In the software world we call
> early
> feedback from the stakeholders "Agile", and it is widely viewed as a
> superior
> process to long efforts without feedback.

I generally agree with the principle of consulting first, it is just that I
believe that in our efforts to increase transparency we do not necessarily
have to work on all-encompassing and mutually exclusive initiatives, but
rather add modules and alements to the system. The reason why I suggested
slight delay is also that our ideas will be soon published (we're currently
voting the minutes from May meeting). I definitely do not perceive our
initiative as the end of discussion about transparency, but rather a

I've personally also had a feeling of urgency that we need to start working
on increasing transparency (even if through an imperfect way) rather than
await community consultations. I just believe that the community
conversation is unlikely to scrap all of that work, but rather improve it.

In principle, I would hope that the Board should accept a policy in which
the content of our discussion is public, unless needed otherwise. As a
person coming from a different cultural background I care much more about
the actual practices of communicating within our community, than the
procedures and policies, although I am well aware that the latter have some
influence on the former.
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