Congratulations, Emeric and Samuel!

Looking forward to working with you, and of course with Christophe in his new role.

Best regards



Michael Maggs

Chair, Wikimedia UK

Dear fellow Wikimedians,

As you may know Christophe Henner, the Chair of Wikimédia France, has
resigned from the board, as he is moving on to his next challenge at the
Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. We won't even try to
summarise in a few sentences everything Christophe has brought to Wikimédia
France in his 10 years stint as a board member ; let us just deeply thank
him for his service!

Our board of trustees had a meeting last week-end, during which we elected
new officers of the board, following the resignation of Christophe.

* Samuel Le Goff is our new Vice-chair,
Samuel is 42 years old and lives in Paris. He works as a journalist, former
parliamentary assistant for many years. He has been in the board since late
2014. He helps volunteers to deal with French governmental and public
organization relationships, public consultations, and to expose Wikimedia
positions in public debates. He will be in charge of internal organization
and governance too.

* Emeric Vallespi is our new Chair,
Emeric is 29 years old and lives in Montpellier (south of France). He works
as a Branch director in a bank. He has been at the board since late 2012,
serving as Vice-chair since 2014. He's involved in internal organization,
governance and international affairs and is interested in internal control,
finance and strategy topics.

Pierre-Selim Huard, our Secretary, will be in charge of the international
affairs too. Other current officers are continuing in their functions.

Our board is now structured as follow:

     * Emeric Vallespi, Chair
     * Samuel Le Goff, Vice-chair
     * Guillaume Goursat, Treasurer
     * Sébastien Beyou, Deputy treasurer
     * Pierre-Selim Huard, Secretary
     * Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Deputy secretary
     * Edouard Hue, Board member
     * Benoît Prieur, Board member
     * Florian Pepellin, Board member

Jean-Frédéric Berthelot
Secrétaire-adjoint | Wikimédia France
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