On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 5:56 PM, Luis Villa <l...@lu.is> wrote:

> I would love to see a solid and rigorous hiring process that lends
> credibility to the eventual selection. Has the board done an analysis of
> the previous hiring process to help ensure that the new process will be
> solid and rigorous?

We have identified the things we believe need to be done differently, yes.

This time, we're relying on a small, dedicated, NGO-focused organization,
we have an ED search team including staff members (and me, hopefully
counting as the community), as well as a process which involves
staff&community feedback (through the on-going survey - which, btw, is run
only on major projects, which is a shame, but in the same time the search
team felt the need for urgency... on of the things to watch for in the post
mortem, surely).

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