On 2016-06-05 23:07, Nikola Kalchev wrote:
Dariusz, thank you for your clarification. I understand that translations
take time.

I fear that user groups will be underrepresented again (another notable
example is the number of representatives at the WMCON with chapters having
up to four participants and user groups exactly one). There are 59 user
groups and (as well as I could count) only 10 of them will be able to
participate at the survey in their own language. Why was the opinion of 49
user groups considered less worth that a delay of two months?

Best regards,
User:Lord Bumbury / Nikola Kalchev
Wikimedians of Bulgaria, a Wikimedia CEE Spring International organiser

Whereas I fully understand and partially share the sentiment, may I please repeat the question I asked on this list in relation to a similar topic some time ago. Could we estimate a number of active community members (whom we would reasonably expect to participate in the survey) who do not speak any of the languages to which the survey was translated, to the point that their ability to fill in the survey would depend on the others? If this is a considerable number, or if it is less significant but considerably compromises on the representation, which languages do these community members speak?


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