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> Patricio Lorente wrote:
> >We’ve heard your questions and want to address them broadly, as well as
> >provide more information about the breakdown of Sue’s compensation during
> >this time.
> Thank you for this e-mail.

Indeed. Thank you for this much clearer explanation.

Looking at base compensation alone, the $112,500 base compensation figure
in the 2014 form thus appears to be composed of

ED salary
5 months at $200,000 p.a.
5/12 * $200,000 = $83,333

Special advisor salary
7 months at $50,000
7/12 * $50,000 = $29,167

Total salary: $83,333 + $29,167 = $112,500

> >(2) Retention bonus to compensate Sue for lost opportunities during the
> >transition period: $165,000.
> This is the key piece that I think most people didn't understand or
> realize. Was this information published anywhere previously (e.g., in the
> Board minutes)? I wouldn't expect to see an exact amount, of course, but
> this is a pretty substantial amount of donor money, so I'd expect at least
> a "we approved a retention bonus for special advisor Sue Gardner"-type
> notice somewhere, typically on wikimediafoundation.org.


I guess what this $165,000 bonus means is that Sue essentially received a
salary increase from $200,000 (her salary as indicated in the 2013 form) to
$365,000 for her last year as ED, to make her stay on another year after
she had expressed her intention to leave.
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