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> Perhaps you could confirm still that this was quite a
> one-of-a-kind situation (as Sue is also quite one-of-a-kind with all her
> experience!) and that no other 'advisors' are paid compensation for their
> time? (I'm thinking about advisory board, endowment advisors, FDC, AffCom
> and what else).
> Yes, I can confirm that this is (was) a pretty unique situation.

I applaud the clear and explicit statement, but I worry it may be just a
tad misleading (unintentionally, obviously!), in leaving out another class
of consultants (a word more clearly implying 'paid', I think, than
'advisors') that are not listed on [[m:Staff and Contractors]], and I think
that for completeness -- and to avoid a future round of misunderstand and
recriminations -- we should probably acknowledge their existence:

I am referring to "coaches".  Certain staffers (including some c-levels and
the previous ED) at WMF benefit from the services of a "coach", who is an
external, paid consultant.
(to be clear: I have no reason to believe those coaches are exorbitantly
paid or that there is anything inappropriate about their engagement!)

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