Hi, Giuseppe.

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> Thanks Asaf, it is quite interesting.
> I have a couple of questions and one comment:
> - why is Italian wikipedia missing? Is there a problem with wikidata links?

Just an oversight -- I accidentally overwrote that line when posting.  Now
added. (~14.6%)

- is this kind of analysis possible also to the average user?

Sure!  Here's a query for number of article about women on ITWP:

And here's one about men:

And you can just change the language code to get other languages.  The
queries are split by gender even though it's possible to get both counts in
one query, to decrease the odds of running out of time for the query (an
unfortunate limitation due to lacking hardware, which also makes it
impossible to count articles about men on ENWP without help from a WMF

> The comment is about measuring such ratio in other similar products
> (encyclopedia, books with biographies etc) to see how wel we fare
> compared to others.

That would indeed be interesting, but I'm leaving that as an exercise for
someone else. :)

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