For all of you who are at Wikimania today: a Wikidojo is coming at 17:30 –
19:30 in room 12 of the school. It is fun, cool, nerdy and everybody loves

A Wikidojo is a collaborative practice, which consists of a group of
Wikipedians with different levels of experience in editing wikis. The group
consists of a 'pilot' – the only person in the room who might use the
keyboard, a 'co-pilot' – the only other person who is allowed to speak, and
observers. Every seven minutes the pilot becomes an observer, the co-pilot
becomes a pilot and one observer becomes co-pilot. Ideally the group would
consist of 10 people. Asaf will choose an article to be written and we will
present it at the beginning of the session. The editing is being projected
on a screen.

Read more at, come and have fun!

See you later,
Nikola / User:Lord Bumbury
Wikimedians of Bulgaria
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