Brill Lyle писал 2016-06-27 04:24:
That said, it's down to the quality of the first draft. In this instance, the draft, in my opinion, did a disservice to the subject. Although there were good citations, the content of the page was not strong enough or well
developed enough to reflect what the entity actually does. And didn't
establish notability or have the basic details needed to be up on
Wikipedia. It was a draft and belonged in a Draft, Sandbox, or user space.

Or may be just to emphasize again David's point. Every new editor starting an article about a living person or an existing organization with a not-so-obvious notability is always suspected of promotional (payed of fan-like) editing. Always. And promotional editing is always a red tape.

As a new editor, do not start with articles which can be thought of as promotional. Write about history, localities, natural history, improve existing articles. Establish your name on the project. Become an autopatrolled. Then it is much safer to go to the areas attractive for promotional editors.

This is not how it should be, but how it is. This is so far our only response to promotional editing.


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