Hi, how about a wikipedia about objects?

Instead of generic articles of , for example, "Ballpoint pen" or  "Bic
cristal" it would be "Ballpoint pen Bic cristal 2014"

Doing these for millions of objects would allow people to have an open,
free, universal and central place to refer specific objects.

*Some possible applications:*

   - Creating neutral and standard lists:

   Nowadays if anyone create, for example, a tutorial for building
   something (DIY projects, receipts, ...) they have to link all items to a
   comercial or no-neutral web which could change its url in the future or
   redirect it to adds or whatever.

   Lists could be created in external webpages linking wikimedia objects
   webpage or/and could be created as category pages in Wikipedia. For
   example, currently, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_of_the_Year
   article lists cars which won COTY award but not links to the specific car
   (AUDI A3 Hatchback 2012 - Present) but generic serie (Audi A3).

   The good thing at this point it's that to start creating object
   lists only item name is necessary, no infoboxes or description needed.

   - Universal repository for inventories:

   Lot of business fill their inventories again and again with same data
   ("cardboard box 50x30x15", "step by step nema motor 17", ... ) they should
   be able to import  this data from a open website with their corresponding
   info like   GTIN , SKU , Barcode... and more in the future  weight, size,

- Encourage Recycling and Reutilitation:

   Imagine if we use wikidata properties  (
   https://m.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:List_of_properties/Generic) like
   "has part" and "part of" , people will find other uses for objects, or
   discover were to find

   - Social activism and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

   Companies have info and metrics about their costumers (habits, location,
   ...) why not costumers have info about companies products, who manufacture
   what?, what products have a good carbon footprint
   <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_footprint>?, what products have
   been retired from some problem?, what are Fair Trade?. This also can moved
   companies do better.

*Very rough roadmap*:

   1. At the very begining, using wikidata infrestructure, objects would
   only have common info like "name", " image", "related  links"
   (datasheets?), GTIN.

   First use cases could be doing lists or grouping objects by categories.

   2. Step by step new fields could be added like "manufacturer" , "tags",

   3. A separated website could be created. wikiobject.org isn't availiabe
   so url could be something like objects.wikpedia.org

   4. In a long-term in order to explote all the possibilities of this
   project more complex fields and relations would have to be managed, like
    for example "fridges with energy class A+++ and width less than 80 cm",
   which could be easy if all always were similar but nothing further from

   A friend of mine and me tried to build a demo version in an home-made
   apache cassandra cluster four years ago, but we don't have enough resources
   and knowledge for that.

In my humble opinion, problem with wikipedia funding It's that most part of
its users don't see culture as a need (sorry for that, I am a sporadic
donor). In Wikiobject case I think it could rather be different.

If part of companies business lies on this project, companies will be very
inclined to donate to improve performace, usability, etc.. maybe similar to
what happens in Linux.

Where came this need from? Data needed for some software to run, product
vissibility, costumer requests, etc ... , no advertisement needed, It could
be a need and standart.

I trully believe that world need something like this, and the correct
people to do it, to warranty openness and independence, are you.

thanks for your time and attention,
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