Hi everyone,

On top of the formal announcement, I’d like to share a few personal

Katherine Maher has been interim ED of the Wikimedia Foundation since
March. In the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure to witness her
ability to provide healthy leadership to Wikimedia Foundation staff. Thanks
to her abilities, she took the organisation to one with more engaged and
motivated teams.

But not only that, her contribution to Board meetings has been exemplary.
She opened up possibilities and discussions that will allow us to move
forward and become a better organisation. Katherine deeply shares our
values, and fits naturally within our movement.

I am really happy that she agreed to take on the permanent job, and can’t
wait for us to dive into making Wikimedia Foundation a better organisation.

At the same time, I would like to personally thank Frieda and Patricio for
the time they served as Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, as last week
was the conclusion of their Board terms. It also feels weird not to serve
with them as I’ve known the two of them for 10 years and would have love to
spend more time with them.

They served our movement during difficult times. I hope we’ll have the
pleasure to see them keep on wandering in the Wikimedia sphere, and wish
them to enjoy all the free time they’ve just got back with their loved

Please take the opportunity to share your thanks to Frieda and Patricio,
and to congratulate and welcome Katherine in her new position.

All the best,

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