My last mail for today, so Anne, just to say that I really appreciate
what you've done, but I'll comment in a bit more detail tomorrow.

On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 8:01 PM, Pete Forsyth <> wrote:
> I'll leave the "defensive" bit aside, and just reiterate that I *still* do
> not understand exactly what problem you're trying to focus discussion on.
> In the piece of text Asaf quoted, you used the words "it" and "reports." I
> don't know what you intend by those words. Maybe for some reason you feel
> it's Asaf's job to clarify that for the rest of the list's readers; maybe
> so. I don't have more to contribute on this point.

The background goes this way...

I've been approached privately two years ago about the issues that
bother significant part of Indian Wikimedian community. As I think
that's in the range of quite solvable issues, my instinct was to talk
with the relevant people inside of the Wikimedia movement (not just
WMF). I thought it's been solved and I forgot for that. However, two
years later I am listening about the same problems. So, I am pissed
off enough to start talking about that on this list.

However, if I say everything I know, I would for sure harm a number of
people. And I am not willing to do that no matter how pissed off or
drunk I am. The situation is not good, but far from being any kind of

But I want to see the problem solved. So, I am giving quite enough of
information about the problems (cf. my first email, then my response
to Risker) and expect the beginning of communication. The responses
are telling me what's safe to talk about and what's not. I also expect
to be convinced that the most of Indian Wikimedians will be content at
the end of this process.

So, the research is very good thing and I am again positively
surprised by the attitude of WMF. However, that's not enough.

I also want to say that what I said in my first email and in my
response to Risker is the core of the problem. Many particular issues
are not useful (and could be harmful). I understand that many people
on this list don't realize how those issues are important, but they
*are* vitally important to the Indian part of our movement.

In other words, although I am not disclosing all of information I
have, mostly to protect privacy of some people, I am not cryptic at
all. It is just a matter of what's perceived as important to a Western
and what to an Indian Wikimedian.


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