Thanks Christophe.
Looking forward to (collectively) work on the strategy.
I personally welcome a quick and hopeful mail like this,
and I'm quite happy about where we are right now.


On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 7:19 PM, Christophe Henner <>

> Hi Everyone,
> The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees met in Esino Lario during
> Wikimania. The minutes will be published in the coming days, but we deemed
> it too important to wait to share the outcome of this really great meeting.
> During the meeting, the Board felt that it was important to establish three
> clear priorities for the coming year: We will focus on three specific
> topics:
> * Improving the Board itself
> * Supporting the Executive Director, Katherine Maher
> * Fostering the creation of a strategy for the movement
> Every trustee acknowledges that there's a clear need for the Board to
> assume a leadership position for our movement. That being said, the eight
> of us are only temporary stewards of our positions. We need to work toward
> creating the best environment for all of us to push our mission forward.
> That is the reason our first topic is about Board improvement ā€” to work to
> become the trustees you all need. The governance committee [1] is
> continuing its work on incremental improvements, as well as on defining the
> further actions we need to take.
> Our second priority is to support  the Executive Director. As you all know,
> the Board proposed to Katherine Maher to move from her interim ED position
> to a permanent one. We are thrilled she agreed.
> We must not consider this decision as the end of the process, but as a
> beginning. In order for the Wikimedia Foundation to achieve great things,
> the Board needs to be supporting the ED. This means providing her with a
> consistent and clear explanation of the intentions in our decisions, and to
> act as sparring partners to her.
> The HR committee[2] will work toward that end, and the Board as whole is
> ready to take any steps necessary to provide her, and the staff, with the
> best environment possible.
> Finally, the lack, or fuzziness, around movement strategy has been a
> pending question for years. One that we never managed to tackle. And
> perhaps because no one wanted to take on that charge. The Board of Trustees
> decided that within the next 12 months we will have to define our vision
> and strategy. A strategy that is suited with our goals, our values, and is
> inclusive of every agent of the movement.
> The past fifteen years were amazing. But now we have to think of the next
> fifteen years. There are many challenges  ahead of us if we want to keep on
> changing the world.
> We must not shy away from those challenges, nor from the decisions we have
> to make.
> Within the Board of Trustees, Maria Sefidari and I take the lead on  the
> necessary steps are being taken. Katherine and Foundation staff already
> have worked on the first steps to reach that goal.
> Our goal is to make sure we ā€” as a movement ā€” will have a strategy that we
> can all embrace and push forward together.
> As ever, decisions need action, and we will take them and share them
> quickly so that you know that we walk the talk, and we want to walk it with
> all of you.
> We will be happy to answer any questions you have whether on list or off
> list.
> Thank you to everyone for those past fifteen years, and Iā€™m looking forward
> to what we'll achieve in the coming ones!
> Christophe
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> [2]
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