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> On 5 Jun 2016 05:19, "Greg Varnum" <gvar...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
>> John asked about filing and other fees paid by Jones Day, and if the fees
>> were separate from consulting costs. Unfortunately, we don’t have an easy,
>> quick way to divide the Jones Day expenses into registration fees and legal
>> fees, but we can provide more information about where the costs came from.
>> Each trademark application costs about $1,000–5,000 (sometimes more),
>> including filing fees and attorney’s fees. The cost for each application
>> depends on the country’s application fees, the country’s administrative
>> hurdles, the breadth of protection we are seeking, whether we can reuse
>> materials prepared for previous applications, and whether we encounter
>> resistance from trademark offices or other trademark holders.
> Your response isnt clear, but it strongly implies the stated US$1.7M stated
> on page p.61 does include the fees paid by Jones Day to relevant government
> bodies around the world.  No surprise there.  But it is surprising that
> Jones Day doesnt provide detailed invoices that separate their own services
> from fees they have paid on the WMF's behalf.
> If the WMF doesnt know what the fees cost, the WMF does not know how much
> extra it paid for an external consultant to do the paperwork for them ... ?
> How much will it cost for someone to split the 1.7 M bill?
> Their relationship with WMF has come a long way since the 'pro bono' work
> that Jones Day did to recommend acquiring a trademark on a public domain
> logo (and somehow convincing many WMF staff that it was a brilliant idea).
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Community_Logo/Request_for_consultation#Legal_representation
>> Finally, regarding John's question about non-program service investment in
>> Europe (page 35), this represents our foreign currency bank accounts with JP
>> Morgan in the UK. The purpose of this holding is to retain donations
>> received in EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD in their original currency to minimize
>> currency exchange risks.
> Do I understand correctly that the 5.2M was to meet minimum account opening
> deposit criteria for four accounts for the four currency.
> The money cant be withdrawn while these accounts are open? Is it being
> managed by an investment fund?  If so, which one, or what is the expected
> rate of return on this investment.  Did the WMF have an option for which
> fund was used, or was it stipulated by JP Morgan/ etc?

I havent seen any clarification regarding this.

Was the investment in pound sterling?
The pound has been going down steadily over the last year.
And now we have a steep drop due to Brexit.

Is the investment being used by JP Morgan to support fossil fuel projects?

John Vandenberg

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