Hi all,

It’s our privilege to share the list of winners for* Wiki Loves Earth 2016
in Nepal*. Thanks to Wiki Loves Earth International Team for continuing
such a cool project ever and again.

Lastly, thanks to WLE Nepal - 2016 organizing committee, Jurors and all the
intermediaries for your continuous effort, this wouldn’t have been possible
without your precious help.

*Spotlight of the Competitions:*

Campaign period:
*May 1st- June 15th*Total number of photos uploaded:
*2274*Total number of contributors: *271*


·  Mr. Saroj Dhakal

·  Mr. Nirmal Dulal

·  Mr. Steinsplitter

*Organizing Committee:*

1. Bijay Chaurasia - *Coordinator*

2. Zeetendra Shah

3. Nabin Sapkota

4. Biplab Anand

*Top 10 photos selected by jurors:*

* More details in this link


*File Name*




*File:Himalayan yaks in the Everest region.jpg*

*English: Himalayans Yak in the Everest Region.**नेपाली: सगरमाथा* *क्षेत्रमा
रहेका* *याकहरू*

*[[User:Ceedra|Agnes Kwong]]*


*File:Reflection of Annapurna I.jpg*

*English: Reflection of Annapurna Mountain in fresh water.**नेपाली:
अन्नपूर्ण हिमालयको* *सफा* *पानीमा* *देखिएको* *छाया*

*[[User:MarijaGrujovska|Marija Grujovska]]*



*English: A full view of sacred Gosaikunda Lake. **नेपाली:नेपालको* *रसुवा*
*जिल्लामा* *अवस्थित गोसाइँकुण्ड ताल*

*[[User:Pratapbaniya|Pratap Baniya]]*


*File:Phewa Lake (**फेवा ताल) **Sunset View 2158.JPG*

*English:Golden hour seen from Phewa Lake.**नेपाली: फेवा* *तालबाट* *देखिएको*

*[[User:Bijay chaurasia|Bijay Chaurasia]]*


*File:Hornless one horned rhino.JPG*

*English:One horned Rhino in Chitwan National Park. **नेपाली: चितवन
राष्ट्रिय* *निकुञ्जभित्र* *रहेको* *एक सिङ्गे गैंडा*



*File:Lone Trekker.jpg*

*English: Full of Mountains and open sky in Manaslu trekking range.**नेपाली:
मनास्लु* *पदयात्रा* *क्षेत्र अन्तर्गतको* *रमणीय हिमालहरूको* *दृश्य*

*[[User:Hemantachy|Hemanta Kumari Chaudhary]]*


*File:Gokyo Lakes 01.jpg*

*English: Gokyo Lakes**नेपाली: गोक्यो* *ताल*

*[[User:Wang Lama Humla|Wang Lama Humla]]*


*File:ACAP Upper Mustang Tangyejpg.jpg*

*English:View of Tangye Village Monastery, Upper Mustang.**नेपाली: माथिल्लो*
 *मुस्ताङ उपत्यकामा* *अवस्थित* *वौद्ध गुम्बा*

*[[User:PatriciaSauer|Patricia Sauer]]*


*File:Spotted Deers at Meghauli, Chitwan National Park.jpg*

*English:Spotted Deers at Chitwan National Park.**नेपाली: चितवन* *राष्ट्रिय*
 *निकुञ्जभित्र* *रहेका*
 *जङ्गली हरिणहरू*

*[[User:Sushila Gurung|Sushila Gurung]]*


*File:Mt.Ama DablamIMG 8365.jpg*

*English:Mt.Ama Dablam Above Clouds.**नेपाली: बादलले* *छेकिएको* *रमणीय
आमादब्लम हिमाल*

*[[User:Wang Lama Humla|Wang Lama Humla]]*

Bijay Chaurasia
Coordinator, Wiki Loves Earth 2016 - Nepal

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