On 7/13/2016 3:04 PM, Kat Walsh wrote:

Your insight and
guidance, your legal experience, your leadership, and your dedication
to the people and the principles of the movement have all been
invaluable. And your commitment to building the organization and the
people in it means you leave the legal department in good hands;
congratulations to Michelle and Stephen on their new roles.
Kat and I are used to echoing each other, so I'll reiterate the above in particular. I think this transition illustrates one of the hallmarks of successful leadership, in preparing others to fill his responsibilities capably in his absence. As a person Geoff is irreplaceable, and like others I owe him a lot personally. But in his role in the organization, he does have to be replaced, and I am glad we have such good replacements on hand. Fortunately, there is no need to replace Geoff the person, because he will still be himself. That should serve him equally well in his new position, and he has my best wishes for all his future endeavors.

--Michael Snow

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