Thanks for the mail, Nicole, and Teele for the post. Two points:

a) It is great to see this kind of chapter interchanges, and I hope to
see more of it. It would be great if more chapters can offer such

b) It is great to see how a generation of young people grows in/into
the Wikimedia movement, who do internships, write their BA thesis on a
Wikimedia topic or travel to conventions. When I started with
Wikipedia, I was already 30, way over the age of secondary

Kind regards

2016-07-29 12:30 GMT+02:00 Nicole Ebber <>:
> Hi all,
> Following up on our Wikimedia Conference report 2016[1], we have now
> published more information about our “Visiting Wikimedian” initiative
> that we kicked-off with Teele Vaalma from Wikimedia Eesti this year.
> This initiative aims to transfer practical knowledge from the German
> chapter to other Wikimedia movement affiliates and provides us with an
> outside view.
> Teele wrote a blog post on the movement blog, describing her time in
> Berlin and her work to support us in organising the conference. It’s
> really worth a read, as she provides insights into cross chapter
> exchange and knowledge transfer.[2]
> We have also set up a page (on Meta!) that describes the pilot that we
> started this year. We would like to continue this for the Wikimedia
> Conference 2017 and now start looking for the next Visiting
> Wikimedian.[3] We are especially looking for a person who can apply
> the knowledge to an upcoming event, for example if the affiliate is
> hosting a regional or international conference. If you are interested
> in becoming a Visiting Wikimedian, please reach out to me directly
> until mid September.
> A special thanks goes out to Wikimedia Eesti for being so supportive
> of the idea and to Teele for doing such an awesome job!
> Cheers,
> Nicole
> [1]
> [2] 
> [3]
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