I was friends with Kevin and talked to him often over email. He was a
tireless advocate of addressing the gender gap on Wikipedia and making the
projects less toxic. Besides his significant volunteer work on-wiki, he was
also a moderator of the gendergap mailing list (a difficult and thankless
job). He was always an advocate for those whose voices were not being heard
or those who were afraid to speak up due to fear of being attacked. He ran
for English Wikipedia ArbCom last year, and addressed some of these issues
in his candidate statement: "Our encyclopedia aims to encompass the sum of
all human knowledge - a lofty goal that we cannot possibly accomplish
unless we take steps to ensure that, to borrow from a recent public
comment, we’re sending no demographic into a cultural buzzsaw."

Kevin was one of the countless unsung heroes of our movement, and his
passing is a tragic loss. I hope we can pay tribute to his memory by
continuing to work towards addressing the gender gap and eliminating
harassment on our projects.
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