Tulu Wikipedia <https://tcy.wikipedia.org/> has finally gone live after being 
in the Incubator for nine long years. Tulu is spoken by nearly 2 million 
speakers in the Mangaluru, Udupi and other South West regions of the Indian 
state of Karnataka and in some places in the state of Kerala. 198 editors have 
contributed so far to make this happen. The project has started seeing more 
activity since 2014 when the first ever community meetup was organised in April 
, 2014. St. Aloysius College and St. Agnes College, two educational 
institutions in Mangaluru, India have done a commendable job in 
institutionalizing education programs and several outreach programs for their 
students. CIS-A2K congratulates everyone who have helped grow this project, the 
language committee and other friends in the global communities who have 
supported and guided in working towards the approval of the project. We will 
continue to support the community to the best of our abilities and introduce 
them to other friends in the movement so that they can learn the best practices 
for community building, designing and running outreach and education programs 
and several other Wikimedia activities. 

Subhashish Panigrahi 
Programme Officer, Access To Knowledge 
Centre for Internet and Society 
@subhapa / https://cis-india.org 
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