Dear all,

I am honestly delighted to announce the results of the public call for
Board Governance committee volunteer and Advisory members, announced on
July 15, 2016  [1]. We received nine applications, and after discussing
them with BGC and reviewing the committee's needs and interviewing a short
list of candidates,I have chosen five volunteer advisory members for the
committee. I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who offered to serve on
the committee.

Please find below a short introduction for our new volunteer advisory
members. They are all quite well known in the movement and I think their
insights would be helpful. They join the Committee once they sign the
documents that Stephen LaPorte, our Interim Secretary, sent to them (the
same ones as the Board members sign - the confidentiality agreement
, code of conduct
, conflict of interest disclosure

=== Gayle Karen Young ===

Gayle Karen Young is a WMF's former Chief Talent and Culture office. In her
time at Wikimedia, she was accountable for building the current HR team and
had an active hand in board development and staffed the board HR committee.
She brings experience with the Wikimedia movement, with the workings of the
Foundation, and through her own consulting work in leadership and board
development with organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit space,
and in technology and human rights.

=== Kat Walsh ===

Kat Walsh is a former member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees,
12/2006-8/2013 (Chair, 2012-2013; Executive Secretary, 2009-2010). Now she
works as an attorney specializing in copyright, Internet law, and free and
open source software.

=== Tim Moritz Hector ===

Tim Moritz Hector is Chair of the Board of Wikimedia Deutschland since
2014. Tim has been an active Wikimedian for more than eight years and was
engaged in several positions on national and international level. His most
recent engagement (with Frans Grijzenhout from WMNL) is focussed on
building the capacities of board members in all Wikimedia-organizations. He
is going to finish his B.A. in politics and german philology this month and
shall work as an advisor to the ED at the "Academy for volunteerism" in
Berlin beginning in September.

=== Ido Ivry ===

Ido Ivry is a board member of Wikimedia Israel. He has extensive NGO
experience, as well as business understanding, both in large corporates,
NGOs, GLAM institution (National Library of Israel), and is currently a CTO
in his own startup, developing open data solutions for city governments.
Ido has been active on the Grants Advisory Committee and as part of the
Simple APG Committee, working with many organizations in our movement on
carrying out their missions successfully and effectively.

=== Ira B. Matetsky (User:Newyorkbrad) ===

Ira Brad Matetsky (User:Newyorkbrad) is a long-time editor, administrator,
and former arbitrator on English Wikipedia as well as a board member of
Wikimedia New York City.  Professionally, he has been a litigation attorney
in New York City since 1987.  He has broad experience with board and
community governance issues, best practices, and legal requirements from
serving with and representing a number of organizations.


Best regards,
antanana / Nataliia Tymkiv
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