I usually don't recommend these things, but this interview with Schrep [1]
[2] is interesting and insightful.  I recommend listening to it instead of
reading.   He discusses FB's ten year plan, AI, VR, Internet access for
all, mentions Wikipedia several times, confirms their insatiable hunger for
structured data, and reveals several details on their innovation approach.
Trigger Warning:  Corporate Speak

Make no mistake, I've nothing but contempt and spite for Facebook, but
having worked with Mike I also know he demonstrates formidable intellect
and is a decent person.  He's incredibly capable in building amazing teams
and predicting (more like sniffing out) the future of tech.  I watch his
moves closely to stay sharp.

He's right about how papers are coming out constantly which augment current
AI tech in interesting new ways.  I believe we're living in interesting
times for computer science and mathematics--computational linguistics and
probabilistic search in particular.   A person can't read the CS and math
papers fast enough in order to keep up with the innovation.  A lot of it is
trivial, sure, but some is quite startling in impact as they combine a few
smaller things which seemed previously innocuous yet when used together
they solve key problems.

When looking into tech and strategy for WMF and the engineers it supports,
I'd be very interested in the direction Facebook is going and the
technologies they plan on investing in, so passing it along.

Yours faithfully,

[1] http://www.metisstrategy.com/interview/mike-schroepfer/

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Schroepfer

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