Do these criteria apply to existing groups? Maybe I misunderstand, but from
this proposal it sounds like new groups will be held to significantly
higher standards than any currently recognized organizations. Is that the


On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Carlos M. Colina <ma...@wikimedia.org.ve>

> Dear all,
> On behalf of the Affiliations Committee, I would like to present some
> changes to the current chapter and thematic organisation criteria, which we
> will begin piloting as we officially reopen applications for chapter and
> thematic organization status. Until now, the criteria had not clearly
> defined what constitutes sufficient programmatic activity to justify
> chapter or thematic organisation status. To address this issue, we have set
> out three new criteria:
>    1. Diversity of Activities: Chapters and thematic organisations are
>    expected to plan and conduct a variety of different programs and events; to
>    balance online and offline projects; to strive for continuous activity; and
>    to conduct programs and events at least once every two months.
>    2. Planning and Evaluation: Chapters and thematic organisations are
>    expected to set specific goals and targets for programs, projects, and
>    events before executing them; to measure the results of programs, projects,
>    and events against those targets; and to report on those results to the
>    Wikimedia Foundation and the wider Wikimedia movement.
>    3. External Partnerships: Chapters and thematic organisations are
>    expected to engage in programmatic partnerships with external groups and
>    organizations (for example, cultural, academic, or government institutions,
>    and so on) to promote the Wikimedia movement and to add and improve content
>    on Wikimedia projects.
> In order to officially reopen the chapter and thematic organization
> recognition process, the Board of Trustees has instructed the Affiliations
> Committee to provisionally use these three new criteria for all new
> applicants. In addition, potential chapters and thematic organisations will
> continue to be assessed against the existing legal, governance, and
> viability criteria; more details, including the benefits and limitations of
> these affiliation models, are available on Meta.[1] [2]
> Please note that the use of these three new criteria is a pilot; there
> will be opportunities to share feedback about the criteria, as well as
> other ways to help define the chapter and thematic organisation affiliate
> models, during the upcoming strategy consultation. The Affiliations
> Committee and the Board of Trustees will continue to evaluate results and
> feedback during the initial pilot period and consider potential revisions
> to the criteria before they are finalized.
> Thank you,
> M.
> 1: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Affiliations_Committee/
> Chapter_Summary_Matrix
> 2: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Affiliations_Committee/
> Thematic_Organisation_Summary_Matrix
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