Thanks Carlos - that seems a very clear explanation of where we are to me.



On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 8:35 PM, Carlos M. Colina <>

> Hello Rogol,
> Let me try to clarify that. When the AffCom discussed with the board
> liaisons whether we needed a new resolution at our July meeting, we agreed
> that the existing resolution [1] is already sufficient as we're not
> stepping outside of the existing framework.  These criteria are a first
> attempt to communicate more clearly what the AffCom expects in terms of
> "demonstrable programmatic results" in order for an application to be
> supported and passed on to the board for approval. Still, the idea is to
> have the AffCom work on a coordinated consultation on these criteria and
> other aspects of affiliate strategy in the upcoming movement consultations
> since at the end, all are related.
> So instead of keeping Chapter and ThOrg applications on hold for longer,
> and because it's been a long while already, the Board has approved the
> Affiliations Committee to accept applications under the potential new
> criteria to test them and to remove the block on applications immediately
> -and it was about time 8-) Based on this future consultation, the
> proposed new criteria will probably be revised and refined to reflect the
> feedback received from the community before putting them as "official" for
> all Chapters and ThOrgs.
> Additionally, and trying to make the discussion clearer: AFAIK the
> discussion is an essential part of the movement, but at this time, this is
> not a coordinated consultation because again, it will be part of a larger
> and coordinated movement consultation. In order that the AffCom can focus
> on reopening Chapter and ThOrg applications, everyone is welcome to share
> valuable input on the talk pages [2] [3] on Meta, as it will be better
> organized and useful for reference when the coordinates consultation starts
> in a few months from now.  In the meantime, we can answer questions here,
> or there, but still, it would be better done on the talk pages for
> transparency, clarity and easiness of interaction, since not everyone is on
> the Wikimedia-l, Affiliates-l or Chapters-L lists.
> Thanks,
> M.
> [1]
> [2]
> Thematic_Organisation_Summary_Matrix
> [3]
> Committee/Chapter_Summary_Matrix
> El 24/08/2016 a las 04:17 p.m., Rogol Domedonfors escribió:
> The pronouncement of Fri Aug 19 12:36:01 UTC 2016 states "the Board of
> Trustees has instructed the Affiliations Committee to provisionally use
> these three new criteria for all new applicants" and as a consequence the
> Board Chair has stated, on Tue Aug 23 06:46:47 UTC 2016, "This is not a
> discussion".  In the interests of transparency, please could the Community
> be informed of the text of the Board Resolution that laid down these
> criteria?
> The Board chair has also informed us (on Tue Aug 23 12:34:37 UTC 2016) that
> *"*Everything is a discussion" and "our main goal for this year is to make
> sure we finally have a comprehensive movement strategy".  This is of course
> excellent news, especially since dialogue between the Board and the
> Community on these issues has been conspicuous by its absence 
> [].
> Exactly how and where will this engagement take place?  
> Perhaps might be 
> a
> place to plan the mechanisms for that engagement?
> "Rogol Domedonfors"
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