Hi all,

I wanted to share an announcement that I’ve posted to the Wikimedia blog
<https://blog.wikimedia.org/2016/09/09/peter-baldwin-endowment-board/>. The
Wikimedia Endowment Advisory Board has appointed Peter Baldwin as the third
founding member of the Endowment Advisory Board.

Peter and his wife Lisbet Rausing have been longtime supporters of the
Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia vision. He has supported a number of
free knowledge and open access projects throughout his work with Arcadia,
the nonprofit he and Lisbet founded in 2002, dedicated to preserving
cultural heritage, the environment, and supporting open access resources. We
are thrilled to have his expertise in nonprofit Board management and shared
passion for free knowledge on the Board.

Please join me in welcoming Peter!

Marc Brent

Marc H. Brent
Endowment Director
Wikimedia Foundation
(617) 416-4624 <16174164624>
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