I think that we're discussing two related but distinct themes in this
thread. One of them is the organization of the consultation, and the other
is the substance of the strategy.

I will be very interested to see how the consultation is structured with a
communication professional in the ED role. I think that this might be a
good thing. (:

I continue to think about the substance of the strategy. A large proportion
of my Wikimedia time is currently invested in designing materials,
primarily videos, for new users. As a part of my venturing into depth in
the new user experience, I'm perceiving many opportunities to improve the
new user experience that would require substantial human and financial
resources. I believe that a significant decrease of the slope of the
learning curve and an increase in the facilitation of guided interactions
(both human-to-computer and human-to-human) would be worth exploring for
possible increased investment. I hope that WMF will include significantly
increased investment in UX research and design improvements in the scope of
the new strategy.

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