That's good to hear. And thanks for the video link. :-) - Pax

On 10/16/16 11:04 AM, Amir Ladsgroup wrote:
We talked about this in the LGBT meetup in Wikimania several times. As far
as I remember it is a huge concern for coordinators and Wikimania committee
when considering a bid for Wikimania. IIRC, there are several examples that
situation of LGBT laws was a reason to reject a bid.

So I assure you Wikimania committee is aware of these issues and keeps this
in their mind when deciding on bids. (I must note I'm not in these
committees. I talked about it with them before as a member of Wikimedia

I'm really saddened by the stupid laws made by ignorance of people. Let's
laugh at it and then educate them: :)


On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 8:57 PM Pine W <> wrote:

Hi Pax,

My understanding is that WMF is doing a strategic review of Wikimania. If
that is correct, considerations like the ones you raise about location
could be included in the scope of that review. I'm pinging Ellie with the
hope that she can provide information about the status of WMF's thinking
about Wikimania, perhaps in a new thread. Wikimania involves significant
amounts of time and money, and I am hoping that WMF will develop ways to
align Wikimania with WMF and community strategic goals.


On Oct 16, 2016 08:10, "Pax Ahimsa Gethen" <>

Hello all. I had a positive experience at WikiConference North America
last weekend, where I gave a talk on transgender issues and Wikipedia.[1]
I'm posting because there's an active discussion in Wikipedia Weekly on
Facebook about choosing a host country for Wikimania 2018.[2] I am
concerned that some of the suggestions are not taking into account the
safety of LGBT+ people; not just those attending the conference, but also
those living in the host country.

As a queer trans atheist in a same-sex marriage, there are a number of
places where I am considered a criminal for just existing or going about my
daily routine. This applies to some parts of the U.S. as well, by the way;
I won't be visiting North Carolina as long as it's illegal for me to use
the men's restroom there. Please keep these considerations in mind when
planning meetups and conferences. Thank you.

- Pax aka Funcrunch



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