Agreed, that link is just a broad overview. There are many other pages that drill down to specific laws and policies of regions and cities that affect the safety of LGBT+ people. From Amir Ladsgroup's reply it does sound like the Wikimania committee is aware of these issues and taking them seriously. Hopefully all conference and meetup planners will do the same.

- Pax

On 10/16/16 11:45 AM, Ilario Valdelli wrote:
I suppose that it should be a group of people to give relevant reasons and to be more proactive when selecting a bid mainly if connected with a poor respect of rights or with the safety of some specific diversities.

The link you give is more related to the rights than to the safety of people. In my opinion is incomplete. For instance North Carolina is not mentioned and looking at your link I would suppose that the whole USA is a safety place.

I would suggest to your group/you to list places where your life can be at risk, places where diversities like LGBT are not accepted, and safety countries or towns. Afterwards to push it as important aspect/policy to consider when selecting a town for a conference within Wikimania community.

This may help a lot and may give more useful and transparent material to the selection committee of Wiki conferences (because I have understood that your reasons would include the selection not only of Wikimania).

Kind regards

On 16.10.2016 19:20, Pax Ahimsa Gethen wrote:
Thanks Anna. I forgot to include this relevant link (which I also posted in the Facebook discussion):

- Pax

On 10/16/16 10:14 AM, Anna Stillwell wrote:
These are lovely suggestions / requests. Thank you for raising them. I'm
happy to hear of your positive experience at WikiConference.


On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 8:10 AM, Pax Ahimsa Gethen <> wrote:

Hello all. I had a positive experience at WikiConference North America
last weekend, where I gave a talk on transgender issues and Wikipedia.[1] I'm posting because there's an active discussion in Wikipedia Weekly on
Facebook about choosing a host country for Wikimania 2018.[2] I am
concerned that some of the suggestions are not taking into account the
safety of LGBT+ people; not just those attending the conference, but also
those living in the host country.

As a queer trans atheist in a same-sex marriage, there are a number of
places where I am considered a criminal for just existing or going about my daily routine. This applies to some parts of the U.S. as well, by the way; I won't be visiting North Carolina as long as it's illegal for me to use the men's restroom there. Please keep these considerations in mind when
planning meetups and conferences. Thank you.

- Pax aka Funcrunch



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