Thanks Ellie.

On the topic of event safety, I am wondering if there is a standard
checklist that WMF uses when narrowing potential sites for Wikimanias and
if you could make that checklist public. Perhaps it is public already but I
don't know where to find it.

Regarding Wikimania goals and strategy, I'd like to suggest that WMF take a
look at what our friends in WMDE have done with the Wikimedia Conference to
increase focus on specific topics and to make conference outcomes a bit
clearer and more measurable.

I also like that WMDE devotes significant staff support to the conference,
which decreases the burden on volunteers; I would like to see a similar
shift for Wikimania so the event is less dependent on heroic efforts from
volunteers. I realize that there is financial cost involved with increased
staff support for conferences; this is one area in which increased
expenditure makes sense to me.

I look forward to hearing about further developments.


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