This office hour will begin in just over one hour. We hope to see you there!


On 19 October 2016 at 09:30, Joe Sutherland <>

> Hello again,
> Following the office hour today, we are planning to hold another from
> 19:00–20:00 UTC on Friday, October 21 in the #wikimedia-office channel on
> IRC. The format and topic will be the same as today's. You can learn more
> about the license and join the discussion on Meta-Wiki:
> This is a good opportunity to raise questions about this potential change
> in real time with several attorneys in the Wikimedia Foundation's Legal
> Team. Learn more about joining IRC office hours here:
> To propose discussion topics ahead of time (if, for example, you cannot
> make this time), feel free to add them here:
> s_4.0/IRC_office_hour
> The logs from today's office hour are available at
> If you have any questions or comments about the license, please do join
> the discussion! We hope to see you there.
> Best regards,
> Joe Sutherland
> Community Advocate
> Wikimedia Foundation
> P.S.: This tool might be useful in working out this time in your local
> timezone:
> html?msg=Creative+Commons+4.0+IRC+office+hour+2&iso=
> 20161021T12&p1=224&ah=1

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