Kelly:  Wonderful news; congratulations, and thanks for the update.
Christophe, thank you for that thoughtful addendum.


> The point of [my comment] was that the process of managing

Kelly's conflict of interest will deprive the Board of a source of advice

I don't see why this should deprive the Board of her advice in the
(It's also not how boards usually work when members are involved with other
organizations / companies / communities in the same space.)

She will have to recuse herself from decisions (not discussion or advising)
where there might be a conflict between WMF and Quora – Just as Jimmy has
long recused himself from decisions where there might be one between WMF
and Wikia. But the number of such decisions will probably be tiny and not
central to governance.

When it comes to strategy in particular, there is almost no current overlap
between the organizations' main projects.  Wikimedia communities have
largely restricted their focus to the << 0.1% of global knowledge that is
notable, verifiable, neutral, and {PD, CC-BY, CC-SA}, boiled that knowledge
down to a single coherent overview per topic/work/datum/term/place.  Quora
is dominated by current events, pop culture, trending and future businesses
and ideas; by repeated variations and explanations of a theme, by
hypotheticals and subjective (if community-polished) opinion; and its
material is close to CC-ND, or no-reuse.  If there is significant overlap
between Quora's and Wikimedia's scope or discovery services in the next
decade, I will be surprised.

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