Thanks to Pine for pointing out that some emails to WikimediaAnnounce-l
were not going through to Wikimedia-l; I think this is such a post. I
originally sent this on 24 October, and the only thing in the list archive
is a reply from SarahSV, thanking us for the work [2] (much appreciated, by
the way).

So, here is what I sent in case someone missed it. If you've seen it
already, you can disregard. Thanks in advance.

> Wikimedians, please review something we are working on for the Wikimedia
> Foundation, the Technical Collaboration Guideline [0].
> The Technical Collaboration Guideline (TCG) is a set of best practice
> recommendations, for planning and communicating product and project
> information to Wikimedia communities, in order to work better, together.
> The TCG allows Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) Product teams and Wikimedia
> communities to work together in a systematic way in the product development
> and deployment cycle. It is hoped that the TCG is useful enough to be
> utilized in planning and communications regarding any project, from anyone.
> The TCG is intended to be flexible as plans and products change in
> development; it is a guide whose contents will help build collaborative
> relationships.
> The initial draft of the TCG was written after discussions in small groups
> with members of the Community Liaisons and Product Management teams, to
> identify successes and failures in communication, and what we can do to
> encourage collaboration with the communities. Over the next month, I am
> seeking review and feedback from Wikimedia community members. All feedback
> that is left will be read; if there is a case for immediate action, it will
> be made. All feedback will be taken into consideration when editing the
> next draft of the TCG. Please keep in mind that the TCG is intended to be
> lightweight information and instruction and will not be completely
> comprehensive. The TCG and the conversations about it are in English, but
> comments from all languages are welcome.
> Over the next few days, this invitation for review will be distributed
> across the wikis.
> Also, within the coming weeks, I'll be announcing a review on behalf of
> the WMF's Design team. They have been working diligently over the past few
> months to identify and define the purpose of design within the WMF, and
> they are looking forward to sharing this statement of purpose with the
> broader Wikimedia movement for comment. If you're interested, please be on
> the lookout for this review announcement.
> I look forward to reading your comments on the wiki [1].




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Technical Collaboration Specialist
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