Hello, all.

Thank you for the many public and private good wishes. It is wonderful to meet 
you and to have an opportunity to work with such a vibrant and active community.

Like many of you, I am inspired by Wikimedia's mission and commitment to open 
and free knowledge. I am committed to serving that mission by working with my 
team and all of you to evolve our technical platform and infrastructure to meet 
the needs of our community and challenges ahead.

I am excited to see that so many of you share my passion for digital privacy 
and security. I am impressed with the steps that have already been taken by 
Wikimedia to address these issues. Please know I will be sharing all of my 
knowledge and experience in this area to help Wikimedia be even better situated.

In the coming months I will be meeting with the Technology department and our 
colleagues across the Wikimedia Foundation and movement, especially Wes and his 
team in Product, to gather more information and plan next steps. I look forward 
to opportunities to meet with more of you and learn more about your experiences 
with the movement and projects.

Again, thank you for the warm reception, and I look forward to working together!

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