Hello all,

Over the past few months the Design team members at the Wikimedia
Foundation (user experience [UX] designers, design researchers, user
experience engineers, and communications) have been working with Arthur
Richards from the Team Practices Group to identify the high-level themes
that motivate design at the WMF. These themes have been turned into a brief
statement of purpose, whose intent is to articulate the vision and purpose
behind design at the WMF. This statement will influence the future
direction of design work.

At this point the stakeholders are ready for a review of the draft
statement. The purpose of this review is to gather a common understanding
of its purpose, and to identify any key themes that may be missing from the
high-level discussion. On the wiki page for the statement, you'll find
these themes and what they encompass in the "Background" section. If you
have an observation, comment, or concern about what is listed there, please
bring it up on the talk page. If it is relevant to the review and
understanding of the statement, it will be looked at for future drafts. If
there are comments about design and the design process in general, we'll
hold on to those until a time when they can be addressed for the broader
discussion of design in general.

All that said, here are the links:
* <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Design/Statement_of_purpose>
* <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:Design/Statement_of_purpose>

We look forward to seeing you on the wiki.
Keegan Peterzell
Technical Collaboration Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation
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