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> On 15/11/16 02:12, Steven Walling wrote:
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>>  Given that payments on mobile are such a huge headache and
>> declining desktop traffic to Wikimedia properties, it might be an
>> interesting pilot to explore nonetheless.
> Hello,
> Going out of topic sorry. Regarding mobile and desktop traffic declining,
> according to https://reportcard.wmflabs.org/
> * Overall page views is about the same since 2013.
> * Mobile traffic quickly raised until reaching a plateau in 2015.

As indicated - in small print - on that page, it uses two incompatible
pageview definitions for the time before and after May 2015. Hence it
should not be relied upon for such a trend analysis.
See instead (for example)

> Surely one can say that traffic shifted to mobile, but for the last two
> years the desktop/mobile ratio seems fairly stable.
Not quite, the ratio still decreased during that time (or conversely,
the mobile percentage increased); although it is true that it did so
less rapidly than in previous years, and also intermittently moved
into the other direction. See the above link or for more detail
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