Hey MZ,

So firstly you can see all of our standard banners here [1]. Those links
will always contain our most current control banner designs and the control
text will be updated regularly through the English campaigns. We are
working to limit the number of banners each reader sees and it is important
to note that readers will only see the large banner once. On the large
banner, the close button is accompanied  with explicit text. The smaller
banner doesn’t have the text because of the more limited real estate but
has an “X” around 45% large. Dismissing the banner or using the remind me
later function will hide the banner for a period of 1 week.

We have worked hard over the years to rephrase many of the areas of
criticism relating to our appeals taking into account both staff and
community feedback. The most recent such change was a small edit from
“small non-profit” to “non-profit”. I’ll be keeping that page up to date
with the changes to our copy through the campaign. We are working with the
Communications team on our new messaging for banners and emails not just
for new ideas but to ensure it remains consistent with overall WMF
messaging. The WMF Legal department also reviews all fundraising messages
to ensure accuracy.

Finally, I foresee absolutely no reason for us to change our policy of not
showing fundraising banners to logged in users and will definitely maintain
this for the English campaign.

I hope that helps



On Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 12:59 AM, MZMcBride <z...@mzmcbride.com> wrote:

> Joseph Seddon wrote:
> >We are coming up to that time of year again with the launch of our English
> >fundraiser. Our E-mail campaign is already underway and in a little under
> >three weeks time, the banner campaign will launch in the US, UK, Canada,
> >Australia, New Zealand and Ireland on Giving Tuesday [1], November 29,
> >2016. We will continue to try and limit the disruption from these banners.
> >Our current expectation is to run our banners for all traffic for the
> >first two weeks. Following that we will some combination of either
> >reducing the amount of traffic being shown banners or the number of times
> >a banner is shown to each user.
> Thanks for this e-mail. I have a number of questions. I can post these on
> a talk page or elsewhere if that's better. For now, they're below.
> Is there a place to see what the 2016 advertisements will look like and
> how they will behave? Some of the strongest objections in past years have
> come from the fact that these ads have stopped being 1-inch banners on
> desktop and instead consume the entire screen. Readers can get confused
> and think that they need to pay in order to read Wikipedia, when this is
> obviously not the case. When an advertisement consumes the whole viewing
> area, obfuscating the page content and demanding money, I think it's
> reasonable to assume that some of our millions of readers will mistake the
> ad for ransomware.
> Where can the upcoming ad creatives be seen? I'd like to know if they'll
> be explicit about being able to simply dismiss the ad.
> How long will dismissing the ad be effective for? Two weeks? Longer?
> Will the ads be reasonable in size and in content? The other recurring
> criticism for these ads has been deceptive and misleading text. Sometimes
> we've even been simply wrong. I'd like to avoid any repeats of that.
> And finally, as a show of good will and good faith to our editors, in past
> years we have not targeted these ads at logged-in users. Will logged-in
> users be targeted for ads in this upcoming fund-raising drive?
> MZMcBride
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