Hi all,

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with Talent and Culture,
Staff and executive teams to develop a job description (below) for the
role. I would like to share it with you early as well, before the
process starts.
I am very grateful to our staff and leaders here at the WMF for
collaborating on both the description and the process.

We also wanted to let you know that we’re beginning a process with Kathleen
Yazbak from ViewCrest, to vet internal/interim C-level candidates.  As you
may recall, Kathleen helped vet Katherine as ED with the support of an
internal team including Katie Horn and Lisa Gruwell. Kathleen took the time
to understand our context, our culture, and meet with relevant stakeholders
so to:


   Create a fair, consistent and timely process,

   Create a process that is transparent to staff, and therefore trustworthy,

   Keep interim leadership informed and engaged.

Talent & Culture and General Counsel roles will be the first to pilot the
process. We've written the JDs for both with an eye for consistency across
executive roles.

Thanks for engaging!



Job Title

Chief Talent and Culture Officer


The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for a creative and collaborative Chief
Talent and Culture Officer to join our executive team in San Francisco. As
a leader of the Talent and Culture team, you’ll help us think and act in
service of the future of our projects and the Foundation. We’re looking for
a candidate who is mission driven, transparent by default, has a truly
global view (e.g., honors and accepts a plurality of worldviews and
cultures), and can can champion an open and transparent culture.



   Work with the executive team to think and act in service of the future
   of our projects (e.g. What kind of talent will we need? Which kind of
   culture and structure will best support the work? Which systems and tools
   will support WMF best? How will we continuously learn together? How should
   we stretch and support the amazing humans we work with?).

   Champion an open, diverse culture (e.g., How will we lead diversity in
   recruiting? How will we build a diverse culture that reflects the
   multiplicity of views across our projects? How will we celebrate free
   speech, collaboration and create safe spaces?)

   Be a partner in continually leading organizational transformation and
   defining and developing our collective competencies for the future

   Develop a strong, diverse Talent & Culture team guided by a clear vision.

      Co-create the vision and direction for a team of ten. Ensure
      coherence of philosophy across the employee lifecycle.

      Clarify and / or delegate the planning to make it happen: the roles,
      the responsibilities, the tools, the budget.

      Counsel and mentor the team on a broad range of disciplines across
      the employee lifecycle: recruiting, hiring, benefits, compensation,
      onboarding, orienting, training and developing, performance, employee
      relations, promotion and off-boarding.

      Build a pipeline of successors.

   Help recruit and orient high-level talent for the Wikimedia Board of
   Trustees, the Wikimedia Endowment and key executive roles.



   Candidate has mastered the role of Chief of Talent and Culture. They
   understand what Talent and Culture is all about: finding and cultivating
   the right talent and building the systems and culture to deliver on a

   Candidate has a minimum 10-15 years experience leading talent, culture,
   HR and performance transformations.

   Candidate has a leading edge understanding of employment law, benefits
   and driving diversity in recruiting and managing.

   Candidate can earn the trust of others, has excellent interpersonal
   skills, excellent communication skills, an ability to judge talent and
   people, demonstrates discretion in managing difficult decisions and
   handling sensitive information, and can maintain a wide network of healthy
   successful relationships.

   Candidate must already understand or quickly grasp free culture values
   and the implications for building an open and transparent culture.

   Candidate has experience resolving challenging employee situations, in
   compliance with laws, regulations and Wikimedia policies:


      Strong training and experience in conflict resolution, including
      fact-finding and resolution of internal disputes consistent with legal
      requirements and Wikimedia policies.

      Strong, practical understanding of labor law rights and

   Candidate has a Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree or equivalent
   experience preferred.

   Candidate demonstrates knowledge and understanding of cultures beyond
   the United States, and the ability to work with an international,
   multicultural focus.

   Candidate ideally has experience in the nonprofit sector.

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