Below are some quotes from past donors to WMF, courtesy of Megan Hernandez.
I appreciated reading these in 2014 and thought that others might
appreciate them again also:

--I consider Wikipedia one of the few (the only?) big internet company who
are actually trustworthy. I value Wikipedia and I want to support it

--I read a comic about a Wikipedia-Comcast merger. It was terrifying.

--Keep doing what you are doing. I love Wikipedia. My most visited site by
a mile. Any time I watch a new documentary, nature show, or read a book
about a topic I find fascinating, I always Wikipedia the information.

--Very helpful! As a nursing student I frequently use Wikipedia to
reference science and engineering topics so I can get a deeper
understanding concepts and extra learning. Ilove it. As a young child in
the early 1960s I thought that computers were going to be giant machines
you could ask any question and get answers, Wikipedia is that machine! It's
wonderful! Just sharing.

--It can finish a debate in a couple of clicks

--Once upon a time far far away I wanted a set of encyclopedias, but, alas
I could not afford them. Wikipedia now fills that void.

--I visit and utilize Wikipedia multiple times every week, sometimes daily.
Going to Wikipedia has become second nature to me. It is synonymous with
knowledge - there's nothing more profound. I support it with the small
donations I can afford in the hope of setting an example, and so that
others may have the same opportunities I've had.

--There have been so many ways that the internet has disappointed me in my
hopes that it would improve the human condition. However, there is this one
shining exception, and from my least expected source. Wikipedia is that
best thing that humanity has done with the internet, contributing to both a
common knowledge set and re-learning how to find areas of agreement with
others, instead of just shouting and not listening.

--Most often I turn to Wiki in order to answer a question that my grandson
has asked about life, the universe and the old days we had
a kids' encyclopedia on the bookshelf, but it became outdated and Wiki has
taken its place.

--Knowledge is the key to so many locks. Thank you
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