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> Finally we didn't get any interest in our fundraising feedback and design
> sessions last week and the week before so they were put on hold, however if
> there are individuals who are interested in taking part in such a session,
> one on one, then reach out to me and I would be happy to arrange a time
> with you.

Often, when an organization needs to get the sense of a stakeholder group,
they work with a market research firm, which would have expertise in
getting the needed feedback. It's common for that research to compensate
those participating.

I've participated in such studies; and while some of them evaluate common
products like refrigerators or cell phones, others are quite specialized.
An interesting example: I actually participated in one that was modeled
after a jury trial. The parties in an actual trial ran a process, which
included four juries of (if I recall correctly) 11 people each. We heard
expert testimony and lawyer arguments for two days before being sequestered
for deliberation; our findings were used to determine the settlement in the

The kind of input the WMF seeks is fairly sophisticated. There are not many
people with the depth of knowledge of the Wikimedia movement to give
worthwhile input, and to be frank, I would imagine few of them, like me,
would be reluctant to volunteer time for the kind of session you suggest.

Has the WMF considered seeking the assistance of an experienced market
research firm, and/or compensating experts, to get the kind of input you

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