On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 2:51 AM, Pete Forsyth <petefors...@gmail.com> wrote:
> However, I think I may not have been clear enough about what I was
> suggesting. (And I should note, I understand this is an unusual kind of
> approach, that might not feel very "wiki-like" to many in our community;
> but if I'm right in my hunch that it would be an *effective* approach, it
> might merit further consideration.)
> I used the term "expert" to refer to two different kinds of efforts, which
> I think made my point hard to follow. This is what I suggest:
> * Hire a service provider that is *expert at learning from a certain
> important audience*
> * Work with that service provider to properly incentivize and efficiently
> garner insights from those who are *expert about Wikimedia values* and how
> they might apply to the fundraiser.
> Speaking for myself, I would hesitate to devote an hour or similar of my
> time to a feedback session run by the WMF. Partly, because I would want to
> be compensated for that time; and partly, because I have some skepticism
> about WMF's ability to run a session that would fully absorb the points I
> might have to make.

Also speaking for myself, I think it's better that WMF staff do this kind
of work themselves wherever possible -  what we gain from direct engagement
between staff and volunteers is quite significant, in terms of
relationships, understanding and building skills - much more important than
what we might lose from poor methodology.

Or another way of putting it, I think Seddon is likely to be better at
consulting community members on the fundraiser than a market research
consultant would be (as well as being cheaper ;) )

Also personally I don't tend to participate in these sessions as I assume
everyone knows my often-repeated views on the importance of recurring
gifts, payment channels that suit the donor's expectations, and
tax-deductibility. ;)

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