Dear Wikimedians,

As Tim has already written, with effect from today I have stepped down from
the position as Executive Director and handed over the business to Abraham.
Tomorrow I will take the oath in my new position.

I am looking back today at an incredible exciting, busy and funny time and
I am proud to see what we were able to achieve together. I also want to
thank you for all the warm and cheering messages I received after Tims

WMDE is in very good hands with Abraham, with a great team and solid
structures and processes in place. Therefore I am leaving with a tear in
one eye and a smile in the other.

Congratulation Abraham (!) and good bye,


Am 08.12.2016 15:52 schrieb "Tim Moritz Hector" <>:

Dear Wikimedians,

Earlier this week I informed you that Christian Rickerts might become the
Undersecretary of State for the new Berlin ministry of economy, energy and
enterprises. This has been confirmed today and Christian has stepped down
from his WMDE role.

I am very pleased to announce that the WMDE Supervisory Board appointed
Abraham Taherivand as Interim Executive Director as of 8 December 2016.

Abraham has joined WMDE in March 2012 and is the Head of our Software
Development department. He has been on the transition team during the last
ED search, has headed our works council and has been appointed deputy of
the Executive Director recently. In his multiple roles, Abraham’s decisions
have always been made in the sense of the Wikimedia Deutschland as a whole.
With immediate effect, he has the full rights and duties of the Executive
Director and will also continue to lead the Software Development Department.

This solution allows us as a board to approach the next steps with the
necessary calmness and deliberate thought. On 28-29 January 2017, we will
meet for our regular board retreat and discuss all questions regarding the
permanent filling of the ED position.

Christian, once again a big thank you for your work with us.
Congratulations and a good start in politics. I would like to thank you,
Abraham, for your agreement to take on this crucial task and look forward
to the further, close cooperation with you!

I will keep you posted on future updates in the transition process.

For the Supervisory Board
Tim Moritz Hector

Tim Moritz Hector
Chair of the Board
Wikimedia Deutschland
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