Seddon, Katherine,

I am sure the fundraising team has done excellent work. And the public have
been very generous – the Wikimedia Foundation's annual revenue has hit a
new record every year throughout its existence, rising from humble
beginnings in 2003/2004 to $15 million by 2009/2010 and to $82 million in

This said, I note that according to the data posted at the Wikimedia Foundation has now taken $29.5
million in donations since the beginning of the current year-end campaign.

The campaign's publicised target is $25 million.[2] By tonight, this will
have been exceeded by a full $5 million, according to the publicly posted
donations totals.

The data also shows that over the past five days, the Wikimedia Foundation
has taken over $1.5 million in donations daily, on average. There are 16
days left in the month. We can all do the maths – if the campaign continues
to the end of the month, as past campaigns have done, you will vastly
exceed your fundraising goal.

Banners used in this and previous years' campaigns have been telling the
public, "If everyone reading this right now gave £2, our fundraiser would
be done in an hour." The other day, volunteers expressed concerns about the
fact that despite this messaging, recent year-end campaigns have always
continued well past the point where the targeted amount has been reached.

In reply, Jimmy Wales assured volunteers:[3] "We would still stop the
fundraiser if enough money were raised in shorter than the planned time. So
I don't see what your concern is about."

The current fundraiser has been so successful that the publicised target
has indeed been raised in shorter than the planned time.

So, will the Wikimedia Foundation give the reading public a banner-free
Wikipedia for Christmas?



On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 9:57 AM, Joseph Seddon <>

> The Social Media team have been providing fantastic support of the English
> online fundraiser and we wanted to provide a quick update dedicated to that
> work. There were some cool images to go with but unfortunately our
> wikimedia-l mailman is dull and boring so here is a summary of their
> efforts:
> * 3.1 million different Facebook users have seen our "I love Wikipedia
>  profile picture frames on their friends’ profile pictures. (
> * 2 million different Twitter users have seen the hashtag #ilovewikipedia
> on Twitter.
> * 9K people have put the picture frame on their pic, telling the world that
> they love Wikipedia.
> * 6.5K have used the hashtag #ilovewikipedia, which we only adopted a month
> ago. Reporting shows the sentiment rating for #ilovewikipedia remains
> almost spotless.
> * More than 1,000 donors have been thanked on Twitter by Aubrie Johnson,
> Jeff Elder, Christophe Henner, and Katherine Maher.
> Influential donors publicly stating their support included:
> *Joseph Gordon Levitt -
> * Baratunde Thurston -
> * Kate Beaton -
> * Cory Doctorow -
> Impressive work and a huge shout out to the team for a really successful
> social media drive for this time of year.
> We will hopefully have a few updates regarding fundraising coming out in
> the next few days so keep an eye out :)
> Regards
> --
> Seddon
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