Hi everyone,

The Community Tech team is happy to announce the top 10 wishes from the
2016 Community Wishlist Survey!

More than 1,100 people participated in the survey this year -- proposing,
discussing and voting on 265 ideas. There was a two-week period in November
to submit and discuss proposals, followed by two weeks of support voting.
The top 10 proposals with the most support votes now become Community
Tech's backlog of projects to evaluate and address.

And here's the top 10:

#1. Global gadgets (91 support votes)
#2. Edit summary length for non-Latin languages (90)
#3. Section heading URLs for non-Latin languages (88)
#4. Global settings (84)
#5. Rewrite Xtools (84)
#6. Wikitext editor syntax highlighting (82)
#7. Warning on unsuccessful login attempts (73)
#8. Automatic archive for new external links (72)
#9. Fix Mr. Z-bot's popular pages report (72)
#10. User rights expiration (70)

You can see the whole list here, with links to proposals and Phabricator

So -- who's going to work on all these wishes?

The Community Tech team is responsible for investigating and addressing the
top 10 wishes. If there's a wish in the top 10 that we can't work on,
because it's unfeasible or because another group is working on it, then
we'll explain what's happened.

Community Tech will also pick up some wishes below the top 10 that support
smaller user groups who are doing important work, but don't have the
numbers to vote a proposal all the way up to the top 10. This will apply to
some combination of: campaign and program organizers, GLAM participants,
stewards and CheckUsers, and people working on smaller projects or smaller
languages. We haven't determined which wishes we'll pick up yet; we'll be
talking about these as we get into 2017.

Also, some of these wishes will be granted by volunteer developers; the
Technical Collaboration team will help to connect volunteers with important
wishes that they can work on.

Some of these wishes are or will be on the roadmap for our colleagues on
the WMDE Technical Wishes team, and other Wikimedia Foundation product

To get updates on our progress:

There are project pages for each of the top 10 wishes, which you can put on
your watchlist. We'll update them as the project progresses. (At time of
writing, these are just skeletons; actual information on each project is
still to come.) Feel free to post questions and suggestions on the project
talk pages:

If you're familiar with the Phabricator ticketing system, the main Phab
task for each wish is noted on the Results page. You can subscribe to those
tickets for updates.

We also publish several status reports through the year, to keep people
updated. You can watch the main Community Tech page for updates:

There are more questions and answers on the Wishlist Survey FAQ:

Thanks to everybody who proposed, discussed, debated and voted on ideas in
this year's Wishlist Survey, to everyone who's said nice things to us
recently, and to all people everywhere in time and space, on general
Danny Horn
Sr Product Manager, Community Tech
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