I am interested to learn if WMF management or the board has discussed
taking legal action against companies that offer services to edit Wikipedia
and that have no on-Wiki presence disclosing their edits (in en-WP at
least) per the Terms of Use.  We all know the companies and their websites,
where they use the Wikipedia name, etc.  I have looked and never found
disclosure by any of those companies in en-WP.  I have looked and found no
public evidence of WMF legal engaging with these companies, other than

Some en-Wiki editors recently identified a long-term paid editor and
brought the matter to ANI:  thread is here
This brought this whole thing to mind, and is something I have been wanting
to ask about.

Three questions:

Has this been discussed, and if so, what has/have the outcomes been?

Also, is there budget for WMF legal to take action against such companies?

If not, would you all please consider that?

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