Hi, Katherine. 
During All-hands, will any attendees be able to pop in to the Wikipedia Day 16 
Birthday bash and edit-a-thon hosted by Bay Area WikiSalon in the Chip Deubner 
Lounge, 5th floor, at the WMF offices in SF on Sunday starting at 2 p.m.? 
Drop-in and out is okay.

Details and to RSVP: 

RSVP helps for food count and to make sure we do not exceed the fire marshal 
hard limit of 100 troublemakers.

Cheers! Wayne Calhoon 

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Hi everyone,
(big snip)
The Foundation is hosting our annual All Hands meeting this weekend in San 
Francisco. I don’t anticipate this delaying the coming week's updates, but 
wanted to give you a heads up that many people will be travelling next week and 
it is possible we will have delayed responses as a result.


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