This is great news and look forward to seeing some good outcomes.

I have a concern around the use of language as most people english a very
dynamic language and what can hav eone meaning in one place doesnt
necessarily hold true for everywhere simple uses like monuments when
translated differs.   I would like to see caution taken to ensure the
uniqueness of each locations use of isnt lost due a great scheme being
fixed to one specific language use and spelling. As contributors we have
already experienced that on en:WP with the standardisation of info boxes
where local varients have been lost.

As Wikimedia community influence on language and connectivity grows, and is
strengthened by projects like WikiData we have to allow greater
consideration into the moral, cultural, and linguistic impact we are having
on communities and languages its potentially no longer just a technical
advancement that we are leading.

On 10 January 2017 at 07:12, Samuel Klein <> wrote:

> Thanks Wes and Lisa, this is really wonderful news.  Just the sort of area
> where Commons can and should point the way forward for all the world's
> archives.
> And thanks to Sloan for the support and  Commonists for maintaining one of
> the quiet, consistent wonders of theodern Web.
> Sam
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