Hi all,

Last week's update was late, this one is early - the Foundation staff are
together this week for the Developers Summit and All Hands meeting the next
two days, so we'll be doing more stuff face to face, learning and sharing.
So, with no further ado:

As I mentioned in past updates, we have been working to identify the
external experts which will serve as the Lead Architects for this process.
I am very excited to introduce you to williamsworks

williamsworks[1] has more than a decade of experience working with
nonprofits, companies, and philanthropists around the world. Their team is
made up of folks with deep experience in philanthropy, communications,
public policy, and global development. They are based out of Seattle, with
a global team in places such as Nairobi and Berlin. We're going to be
working with a dedicated team, including their founder, Whitney Williams,
on this process.

williamsworks will be responsible for coordinating all the various moving
parts and needs of the strategy process. They'll be working closely with
folks in the Foundation, community, and myself to help us identify the
information we need and the conversations we need. They'll be leading us
through parsing information and making decisions to help us arrive at a
shared direction.

To begin this work process, I'm delighted that they'll be joining us at
this week's All Hands. They've been meeting with teams from across the
Foundation today in order to get to know folks. Tomorrow and Friday they'll
be here to listen and learn about our culture and mission.

Over the past few weeks, we evaluated williamsworks among other candidates
according criteria that reflects our needs as a movement. This included
whether the candidate had created successful organizational or movement
strategies before, whether they demonstrated a strong understanding of the
need to build an inclusive process, and whether the candidate had
international and nonprofit experience. (More specific criteria is outlined
on Meta-Wiki.[2])

The next step is building out and confirming the core team facilitating the
work ahead. Please stay tuned to this list and the Movement Strategy Portal
on Meta-Wiki for more details.[3]


PS. A version of this message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki:

[1] http://williamsworks.com
[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2017

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