Hi Jacob,

Can we get an ETA on the longer statement?


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> Hi all,
> I want to share a few thoughts on the paid editing issue. First of all, we
> do have the ability to enforce our terms of use. If there are cases where
> you're encountering a severe problem with paid editing and community
> efforts are not able to solve it, please get in touch with us via
> le...@wikimedia.org and we can discuss how we can provide support
> depending
> on the details of the case. With apologies, I'm not able to discuss details
> of any specific cases here because we don't want to reveal information
> about ongoing or future investigations or legal actions.
> In general, I do want to say a few words about the role of legal tools in
> these kinds of cases. Legal actions are a blunt instrument: courts use the
> same solutions to every problem, and have not kept up with the speed of
> modern technology. So we are interested in helping to improve community
> systems and technological tools (like tools to help admins investigate and
> block problematic users) that can make it so that legal action isn't
> necessary in many cases.
> I also want to note that we've been working on a longer statement outlining
> some of our thoughts about our role in dealing with paid editing concerns
> and some ways the communities can effectively approach these issues as
> well. We plan to post this on-wiki soon.
> Lastly, let me say thank you to all the community members who help out with
> these issues. We really appreciate everyone who reports cases to us and
> helps us take action where we are able, such as reporting some job postings
> on third-party sites.
> Best,
> Jacob Rogers
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