Dear all, 

On behalf of the Affiliation Committee, I would like to congratulate our 
following colleagues on being elected as members of the committee for the term 
2017-2019. We have found their expertise and passion for the movement, as well 
as their skills and participation in the wider community as very valuable 
assets the committee needs.

The following candidates have been elected for the 2017-2019 term:

*Camelia Boban (User:Camelia.boban)

*Kirill Lokshin (User:Kirill Lokshin) (re-elected)

*Satdeep Gill (User:Satdeep Gill)

Many thanks also to all the wikimedians that submitted an application.

In addition to that, I would like to thank Emily Temple-Wood, Manuel Schneider, 
Ting Chen, Anirudh Singh Bhati and Ganesh Paudel, outgoing members of the 
committee, for their service, expertise and tireless dedication. You guys rock 
and will be missed dearly!

Please, welcome our new members :-)


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