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> Hi all,
> As we have stated in our annual plan [1], “currently, community members
> must search many pages and places to stay informed about Foundation
> activities and resources.” We have worked in the past two quarters to
> create a single point of entry. We call it the Wikimedia Resource Center,
> and its alpha version is now live on Meta Wikimedia:
> As the movement expands to include more affiliates and more programmatic
> activities every year, newer Wikimedians are faced with lack of experience
> in the movement and its various channels for requesting support. In order
> to expand Wikimedia communities’ efforts, we want to provide easy access to
> resources that support their very important work. The [[m:Wikimedia
> Resource Center]] is a hub designed in response to this issue: it is
> intended to evolve into a single point of entry for Wikimedians all over
> the world to the variety of resources and types of staff support they may
> need to develop new initiatives or also expand existing ones.
> This version of the Resource Center is only the beginning. For phase two of
> the project, we will enable volunteer Wikimedians to add resources
> developed by other individuals or organizations to the Wikimedia Resource
> Center, and in phase three, the Wikimedia Resource Center will include
> features to better connect Wikimedians to other Wikimedians that can
> support them.
> We want to hear what you think about this prototype and our plans for it!
> If you have comments about the Wikimedia Resource Center, you can submit
> your feedback publicly, on the Talk Page, or privately, via a survey hosted
> by a third party, that shouldn’t take you more than 4 minutes to complete.
> A feedback button is on the top right corner on every page of the hub.
> Looking forward to more collaborations!
> Best,
> María
> [1]
> Annual_Plan/2016-2017/draft#Program_3:_Develop_capacity-
> building_tools_and_resources_for_core_Wikimedia_programs
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