On 01/25/2017 09:52 PM, Anna Stillwell wrote:
Got it. (I add color so I can see. I think I need better glasses. Sad!).
I was just asking whether you thought it was reasonable to give them the
time that they asked for.  It wasn't a governance question, or a discussion
about authority. I was just asking if those who commented, who all seemed
to have legitimate concerns, were willing to have the team get back to them
with any answers that they could fairly, justly, respectfully and legally
provide, but more likely they would talk about the future work.

In my mind I've been clear and consistent: "Hey, do you guys think it is
reasonable to give these guys some time?" But it seems like I've not made
this point clear. Would singing it at karaoke help?
Ha! Maybe.

I haven't said it's unreasonable, and I'm not sure anybody else has, either. In fact, I think The DJ explicitly acknowledged some of the points in your initial message, and by my reading implicitly acknowledged others. I don't think anybody is singling out the "pause in explaining the pause" as unreasonable.

I've heard the request, and with all the considerations, sure, it seems reasonable enough. What I've tried to do is express what some of the costs of further delay are; but asserting costs is not the same thing as saying further delay is unreasonable. I read Pine as trying to put it in a broader context of problems that may be systemic; but I don't think that's the same as saying it's unreasonable, either. So, perhaps we're not all as far apart as it might appear?
I'd be happy to chat if you come back to it at the end of Q3, if you'd
Thanks. I'll reach out.
I'll have the karaoke machine ready!


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